Amrit Kund Kedarnath

amrit kund in kedarnath 

 Lord Shiva’s temple and some other temple have a special mythical story about amrit kund(Holy Kund).it is situated with every shiva’s temple and some other temple (eg-vaishno devi temple) in the left side of temple(mainly) in defferent part of indian state.amrit kund is situated in just behind of kedarnath temple(inside temple complex ). the depth of amrit kund is about 2-3 feet. when the mixture of pure water,cow milk, flowers, ghee, dry fruit and other material consecrate to shiva’s lingam inside the main kedarnath temple. it flow from under the Lingam and came out in that kund called amrit kund and that mixture beleived very high valued in Hindu culture. people give same priority to amrit kund water as Ganga Jal(water of Ganga river). and it is proved that Mixture can be used in medicine as skin cleaner and some other disease of skin. people can touch that water directly or may be take by that person who issitting at amrit kund.
Amrit Kund

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  • March 20, 2012 at 1:58 pm

    is all panch kedar temple have amrit kund ?


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