Bhairavnath Temple kedarnath

Bhairavnath Temple Kedarnath

Bhairavnath, a Hindu deity who have a deep black color body is another terribly fearful form of Lord Shiva in Hindu mythology. Bhairavnath temple situated on eastern hill of Kedarnath town. The temple is dedicated to lord Bhairava. Lord Bhairvnath is consider guardian of Kedarnath temple and region. It is believed that Lord Bhairavnath protect Kedarnath shrine after shine close for winter season. God Bhairavnath is also known as क्षेत्रपाल (pronounce – Chhetrapal) in Hindi language which means “The Protector of Area”. Temple is also well known for religious Importance. Weapon of Bhairavnath God is black iron trident and dog is Carrier.

How to Reach Bhairavnath Temple

The trek of Bhairavnath temple Kedarnath  is starts from eastern area of Kedarnath temple complex. Bhairavnath temple distance is approx 1 kilometer from Kedarnath temple.

Bhairavnath Temple Kedarnath


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