Doodh Ganga River – Kedarnath

Doodh Ganga River

Doodh Ganga is a small tributary river of Mandakini river in Kedarnath shrine.  it has a small length (approx 5km) from source . The river originates from VasukiGanga river located behind western mountain of Kedarnath town. Doodh ganga river joins Mandakini river after 5 km distance from source.

The name of the river is considered to be due to its milky color. there is a hydro power house in this small river which supply the electricity in kedarnath dham.  this river is also one of the best source of water supply in kedarnath dham.  you can reached at nearest to this river from upper side of house stable (barn).

Doodh ganga river
flow of Doodh Ganga
Doodh ganga river

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