Madhu Ganga Waterfall River

Madhu Ganga waterfall

Madhu Ganga river is a first tributary of Mandakini river in Kedarnath.  The river flows from the roots of Kedarnath mountain and join with Mandakini river at few kilometer. Manduganga flows gently from origin and rapidly flows with waterfall before it joins Mandakini river. The confluence of both river is just few meters behind Kedarnath temple. The charming view of the Madhu Ganga waterfall  seen within walking distance behind temple.

How To Reach

 Madhu Ganga waterfall flows continuous  in 12 month.  you can reach to waterfall from horse halt in Kedarnath. The approx distance is about 2.5-3 km pedestrian route from horse halt.  Madhu Ganga waterfall route follow through Gandhi Sarovar route. Trekking route is Straight path and lush green meadow. Rainy season is best time to explore  route and waterfall as flowers bloom everywhere in the valley. The view is spectacular when you come closer. Gandhi Sarovar (chorabari Tal) is jut a distance of 1km from here.

Madhu Ganga Waterfall

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