Mandakini River Origin

Mandakini River Origin – Kedarnath

Origin of Mandakini river is near to Chorabadi Glacier in Kedanath, Uttarakhand state of Indian country. ‘Mand’ or मंद (Sanskrit) means slow or calm, which flow calmly hence the name Mandakini. The river flows slow from the origin. Mandakini river origin is approx 2.5km away from Kedarnath temple. Mandakini river origin can visited via Gandhi Sarovar trek (also known as Chorabadi Tal).
When Mandakini river reached near to Kedarnath bridge there is a bathing spot at bank of the river. The bathing place known as Ghat where people take bath. It is believed that when people bath in this holy river they become clean by spiritually. It is also consider one of the main stream of holy Ganga river.
mandakini River
Bathing Ghat in Kedarnath
mandakini River Origin
Mandakini River
Doodh Ganga, Madhu Ganga and Sarashwati river are tributary of Mandakini river in Kedarnath town. After flowing few kilometers, Son river absorbed into Mandakini at Sonprayag. The holy river confluence with  Alaknanda river at Rudrapryag.  This river further known by the name of Alaknanda river from Rundraprayag.  On reaching at Devprayag it joins with aggressive Bhagirathi river froms holy Ganga river.

Note – please be careful to go that place cause there are shortage of oxygen (very low). mostly we appeal  to B.P problem person, heart disease person or above 40-50 age person.

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  • November 28, 2013 at 6:04 am

    does anyone know the actual story behind this word mandakani?
    who was mandakani after which this river was named?
    and what was her history?


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