Ratus Kund Kedarnath

Ratus kund temple (jsrl कुण्ड ) in kedarnath   retus kund also knows as ret kund. Inside the temple there is a big size of stone which is a considered another form of lord shiva and worshiped in form of lord shiva. and there is a small tank(kund, in hindi- कुन्ड ) called as ratus kund . Ratus kund have special importance in kedarnath dham. according to the kedarnath teerth purohit  “if people speak these word “bham bham bhole ” from outside or inside the ratus kund temple,water bubbled on that tank (in hindi- कुण्ड) but if people quit, there is no bubbling in retus Kund”” people come here and ring the temple bell and speak those word and really it happened and it believed. people also consecrate or donate some coin (indian rupee) in that kund( tank). little children came here and take coins from ratus kund for just enjoying.
how to reach the trek of ratas kund temple is very easy. and situated in the trek of kedarnath helipad.the distance of ratus kund is about 200mtr from main kedarnath temple and about same distance form kedarnath helipad.

ratus kund kedarnath

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