Vasuki Tal trek Kedarnath

Vasuki tal kedarnath

Vasuki tal (Vasuki Lake) is situated at an altitude of 14, 200 ft, in the beautiful hill of kedarnath dham, uttarakhand,India In the last 2 to 5 years vasuki tal attracted more pilgrims and  trekkers. Vasuki tal is so great in size,so beautiful in surrounding environment, and also difficulty in trekking path.vasuki lake is surrounding with very high mountain view and beautiful view of several peak of Himalayas.there are several types of beautiful, colorful little flowers around the vasuki tal lake and one of the famous flower is brahma kamal. is it mythical believed that in the time of Rakshabandan(Indian festival) Lord Vishu bathed in this lake hence the name called be Vasuki tal. 
Trek of vasuki tal –  the total distance of vasuki tal trek is about 8 km from kedarnath mandakini bank. the trek of vasuki tal is not so easy as it seen from kedarnath valley.and not to be completed without trek guiding. starting trek of vasuki tal is streght hight by 3-4 km with easy steps and rest of 4 km is difficult cause there climate is so cloudy. The crystal clear lake with beautiful peaks surroundings pleasant you amazing view to the visitors. The best time to visit Vasuki Tal are the months of May to October, when the weather is mild and pleasant.

Vasuki tal kedarnath

vasuki tal trekking tips
treking means not only for enjoying adventure only, it is a responsibillity of everyone with your group,evniverment, region. here is some useful tips and guaid to the trek of Vasuki tal

 1-  first of all you should be prepare to yourself with mentally and physically to go that place.     
 2 – don’t trek here with 2-3 people, Trek with more than 6 people to go that place.
 3 -heart disease and BP problem person are not allowed to go that place due to the shortage
      of oxygen and low temperature.
 4 – trek with first aid kid and some biscuit,water bottle etc 
 5 – don’t go out of the trek say connected with your group member.
 6 – before resting in mid of trek or any where please be confirm the direction of trek to go.

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