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Opening date of kedarnath temple is decided every year on the day of Maha Shiv Ratri. Shiv Ratri is a holy auspicious day in Hindu religion. shiv ratri is a festival of Lord shiva and it is believed that this day lord shiva and goddess Parvti  got married or lord shiva performed Tandav nritya (तांडव नृत्य).so every year, the  opening date of kedarnath decided on shiv ratri at winter place of lord shiva in Ukhimath.

 opening date of Badrinath temple is decided in  every year of fifth day of shukla paksh(शुक्ल पक्ष) in magh month (after 15 january). and this day is celebrated as basant panchmi in the Hindu religion. Basant panchami is one of the most auspicious day in Hinduism. Basant panchami is a day of worshiping of sarashwati (goddess of knowledge –माँ सरश्वती) this day is just like a happy new year in Hindu society.

this year basant panchami coming on 28 january so opening date of badrinath temple decided on 28 January and opened in akshaya tritiya every year.and  this year of 2012 according to Badrinath-Kedarnath Temple Committeeopening date of Badrinath temple 2012 decided on 29 april in Muhurt(मुहूर्त-time) of 4:00AM.Gangotri and yamunotri dham is also opened every year in akshaya Tritiya before few days of kedarnath and badrinath dham opening date. so this year AKSHAYA TRITIYA coming on 24 April hence opening date of Gangotri and Yamunotri is 24 April.

Char dham yatra opend for six month only. while closing date of kedarnath dham is also fixed and closed in every year of  bhaiya dooj (day after Deepawali ).
And this year of 2012 Shiv Ratri is coming on 20 February so the opening date of kedarnath temple 2012 decided on 20 February By the temple committee . the opening date of kedarnath temple is 28 April.
door of kedarnath temple was closed on 15 november of 2012 in the early morning at 8:30 AM with the echos of BHAM BHAM BHOLE and OM NAMAH SHIVAY.

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