Between 15 December 2011 to jaunary 2012 first week, whole kedarnath valley merged under the heavy snow in January . more than 60 villege covered with snow and it is another record snowfall in last 15 years in kedarnath valley.

snowfall in kedarnath valley 

Snowfall in chopta tungnath- chopta-tungnath is the highest tourist place in uttarakhand, INDIA. and situated in 3680mtr above the sea label. in last 5 years chopta tungnath attracted more pilgrims and local tourism.4 foot snowfall recorded in 7th January in chopta. but due to heavy snowfall in tungnath no one can reachable to tungnath area there have more than around 7 foot snowfall.2 wheeler and 4 wheeler stop in makku band (makku crossing- few disatnce back from chopta) . at that time no one can go there every pilgrim enjoy in the way of chopta. the root of guptakashi to gopeshwar via chopta is totally block and all vahical is back from makku band.

snofall in chopta

snowfall in gaurikund – gaurikund is the last road point to reach in kedarnath temple. and 14 km foot distance from gaurikund to kedarnath to reach kedarnath. Gaurikund, a small villege around 150 population last week 3 to 4 foot snowfall in gaurikund. and continuing  snow fall in last week.

snowfall in gaurikund

Snowfall in guptkashi area- and it’s again after a long time in guptkashi and villages around the guptakashi more than 20 village near guptkashi coverd with snowfall after a long gap of 15 years. guptakashi, nala, narayankoti, khumera, saankri, devar, devsal, rudrapur, gadhtara,bansu, tyudi, semi, bhainsari, lamgaundi, lwani, tulanga, salya,  ukhimath, and many more villages near guptakashi also had seen beautiful glimpse of snowfall.


  • January 12, 2012 at 3:28 pm

    beautiful, thanks for sharing as everyone is not lucky enough to see such sights….


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