Start of snowfall in kedarnath in the month of  October and November  while the door of kedarnath temple (kapat-कपाट ) is going to close. the first spray of snow in kedarnath valley is to seen in kedarnath and high peak in valley covered with snow sheet. kedarnath in december and january covered with fully heavy snow. all the hotels, shelter treks even mandakini river in kedarnath covered with heavy snowfall. no one can go there at that times therefore door of kedarnath temple is closed for six month for pilgrim and devotee across the globe.although during these closed  month, police force go at here in some interval to check the security in kedarnath but not go to at kedarnath temple complex due to heavy snow cubes in the way of kedarnath temple. these snow cubes and snow in the trek of kedarnath only clean before 1 week of date of opening kedarnath temple.when door opened the most of area of kedarnath covered by snow.

sowfall in kedarnath
       you will see the snow in kedarnath only in before the few days of door closing and after the few weeks of door opening of kedarnath temple.when the door opened for all pilgrim, snow will be seen in area of temple complex, shankaracharya samadhi, ret kund, helipad area and area of bhiaravnath temple

snowfall in kedarnath
after opening the door of kedarnath  temple, lot of  pilgrim  and local people (generally children age of 8 to 20 year)would wander around to see the snow and want to play in snow. in the above area of bhairavnath temple, there are lot of space and spot to play in snow and one of the best choice of tourist to play in snow. often many children can be seen engaged here to  play in the snow with raincoat.everyone has fun here.these snow field area above the bhairavnath temple covered with snow by a long time. 
snowfall in kedarnath


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