Kedarnath Township Development

kedarnath valley bounded by kedarnath peak and Chorabar glacier  in north area of valley or southern area of Gangotri Glacier . kedarnath temple is situated 2 km away from Himalaya  glacier. it was the time of 1880 when  kedarnath valley is so far alone(not much popularity) from holy pilgrims across India. that time even a single huts or rooms not available to sheltering here. year by year pilgrims attracting in this peaceful environment. Several thousands devotees visiting kedarnath since 25 years back. now the travelling towards  kedarnath by pilgrims increasing is explosiveness across whole world. even the basic need for pilgrims like accommodation or food are now available usually.however everything is priced slightly higher than the main base price in kedarnath market.
kedarnath is the only place amongest the all highest pilgrim place in himalaya range that is not affected more much by environmently due the few accessibility. kedarnath shrine came in existence by popularity around 1980. the below figure of total number of pilgrim visited in shown according to the  Badrinath- Kedarnath temple committee.

year       pilgrim traffic
1990         1,17,774
2000         2,15,270
2010         4,00,014
2011         5,71,583
2012         5,83,176
2013         3,12,201
2014            40,832
2015         1,54,430
kedarnath temple and town development

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    nice to know the info abt kedarnath dam!!!


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