ShivRatri celebration in Kedarnath Valley

ShivRatri (also called Maha ShivRatri) is Hindu Religion Festival and celebrate every year of  month of February or march, according to the Panchang of  different state of India in devotion of  Lord Shiva by Hindu’s across the world. However there are  numerous stories of Shiv Ratri Festival in India, according to Purana but most of people believed that “it is the devotion night to Lord Shiva and  lord Shiva perform TANDAV (a process in which lord Shiva perform dance with chant), other people believed this day was a marriage day of lord Shiva and goddess Parvati.

Shiv-Ratri Celebration In kedarnath Valley apart from other state or region of india, kedarnath vally peoples also celebrate Shiv Ratri In different style.Shiv Ratri festivals called as a name of  Syuraat (a night reverence to Lord Shiva) in kedar valley. all the devotee keep fast and take holy bath in early morning then go to nearly temple of lord shiva for worship.some children of villages try to make God’s and Animal’s sculpture by soil in the evening of before one day of this auspicious festival and worship those God’s and animals sculpture in the morning.this day is a  great fun and happiness for all people and children of kedar valley. all peoples had Barley  in doors and pray for joy and  happiness for all members of family and society.
I don’t know much more about other part of India that which delicious dish they make on this auspicious day of Lord Shiv. Drinking Bhang is also one the activity in during Shivaratri in various temples but the people in kedarnath valley make a one of the most Delicious dish of Uttarakhand state on this day called as “ARSA”.  Kedarnath valley people preparing to make the matter of arsa dish in the evening of before one day of ShivRatri.

how they make ARSA  – first they prepare mixture made with rice flour and jaggery solution on a big pan.
the mixture called as paag in garhwali language. the paag mixer is very strongly tight and can not be rotate with single hand. the next day in occasion  of shiv Ratri , they put a big blob of paag and fried it on hot mustard oil.arsa looks like gulabjamun but a little hard then gulab jamun  after that they put 3 to 4 piece of arsa in worship place of god and pray. after celebrating the day of Shiv Ratri all family of members share this sweet dish (arsa ) to each other family of relatives of nearby villages.
at last, ShivRatri is a day to decided opening date of kedarnath temple hence this day is also special for all devotee across the world. and one the major cause to enjoy ShivRatri for kedarnath valley people because most of kedar valley family livelihood is depend on the almighty Lord Shiva’s Kedarnath temple during Char Dham Yatra.

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