Badrinath Online Puja Booking

In our last updates we updated the news about kedarnath online puja booking. now here is the all details about that “how to booking Badrinath puja online” first of all you must be select one the them according to your suitable  time in badrinath is the all puja details in badrinath temple.

Note- only 2 or 3 person allowed in morning time puja due to crowd space inside the temple and the time of morning puja is (4:30-6:30 AM)
here is the details of evening pujaa in badrinath temple-
Special Puja Price in INR
Shrimad Bhagwat Sapt-Path 21001
All Day Puja21001
Geeta Paath (7.30 AM-3PM)2101
Ved Paath (7.30 AM-3PM)1401
Even pilgrims can be make willingness donation with full devotion . but it is better if you personally contact with temple commitee on following details.
you can make a DD in the given details below after choosing your pooja types from the list. all the puja details will notified after the confirm receiving DD by the Committee.

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