Ghoga Mata Festival in Uttarakhand

Ghoga Mata Festival is one the beautiful festival of Uttarakhand which is celebrated by children groups in dedication of Goddess Ghoga Mata. the festival is a eight day long celebration started with the Hindu month of chaitra (चैत्र -march). this month is also well known as flower season of Uttarakhand. different types of beautiful flower blossom in Uttarakhnad. a great flower festival (also known as Fooldei festival) is also celebrated in Uttarakhand governor residency (Raj Bhawan), Dehradun.

History of Ghoga Mata
Several years ago in past, when lord Shiva’s  wife “godess parvati Mata”  wanted to go her motherland village for a few days. she want to permission of lord Shiva. Shiva ignored her. she disappointed, in the end Parvati Mata went her natal village without permission of Lord Shiva. lord Shiva very irritated with Parvati action. and then lord Shiva transfigure himself in the form of devil and tried to stop Parvati to go at her navel places in the way of  her village. Goddess Parvati afraid from the form of devil of lord Shiva. finally she dicided to go back without going her motherland village. in the mid way of path she’s feeling vary hungry and ate snow.although it also the pregnant time of Parvati and suddenly she gave birth as a Ghoga child at midway of path before the 9 month of pregnant time.

Lord Shiva was already well known this all story happening with Parvati but even though lord Shiva ask her that “hows your trip and what you do at there ” suddenly she vomited all snow there which she ate in the mid-way. after-that Goddess Ghoga Mata is very angry on lord Shiva and stay at that same places where she born. lord Shiva went to that places to remission from Ghoga Mata and worshiped her until Ghoga Mata not happy. and it believed that this worship process of Ghoga Mata by lord Shiva is happened eight day long. since then Ghoga Mata festival is celebrated.

Ghoga Mata Festival 

  Ghoga Mata celebration in  Kedarnath Valley – 
although this festival is celebrated in whole Uttarakhand but it is celebrated as different method in different region of Uttarakhand. children groups of all villages celebrated in their traditionally method
first of all some children of villages make a palanquin of wood and honored it with small piece of Saree and local flowers ( Fyoli and Burans). this palanquin is looks like a real palanquin of God/Goddess. then everyday in the evening time, all children go to around the field and pluck the flowers (Fyoli) and leaf in village.and take it on little wooden baskets. in the next morning the whole group of children ready to worship of Goddess Ghoga Mata in the form of palanquin. they proceed palanquin at every family door and demand for some money or Pulses, rice and vegetable. in return of these items, one of the group member who’s play the role of head priest, put a Tilak (तिलक) on all family members and also put flowers in front of doors with a song which is dedicated to Ghoga ata. Here is the some lines of Ghoga Mata famous song-

      jai ghoga mata paiya paati pyolya phool              जय घोगा माता पैया पाती प्योली फूल 
        ghoga’n boli keeka phool                                              घोगन बोली  कीका  फूल 
      hamun boli phyolya phool                                          हमुन बोली प्योलिया फूल 

the flowers is the local flowers and known as the name of Pyoli, Burans and Paiya. this process is continued for seven days. although the same process is continued in 8th day. but this day is also special for cause the last day of Ghoga Mata festival. all the collected money, food and vegetable offering to all village people and enjoyed whole day.

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