PWD starting to open Gaurikund- Kedarnath trek

it’s again after a 6 month of winter gap while the declaration of opening date of kedarnath shrine for all devotee is fixed on 28 april of 2012 , public work department(PWD) started to work on the passageway between Gaurikung to kedarnath. according to the Public work department (pwd) Cheif Shri Ramesh Pal  ” this year recorded heavy snow falls in kedarnath area and they put their worker, labor on the trek of Gaurikind to kedarnath” gaurkund to rambara trek will be repair and clear by 15 april. all the cleaning and repairing of the trek will be complete near to 20 april. after 20 april they must be clear all snow in the area of kedarnath helipad by 25 april. and the kedarnath yatra will be start from 28 april.
snowfall in kedarnath
although kedarnath valley situated in Ukhimath block and all the works (road and other path) on ukhimath block area handed by public work department and it’s office is situated in Ukhimath. all the work done by public work department in ukhimath block area is trust-able and admirable in last several years.and this department is also continuing their best effort in this area service. 

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