Gaurikund to Kedarnth Trek – Horse, Pony,Kandi & Palki Rates 2013

Gaurikund To Kedaranth Horse,Pony,Dandi,Palki Charges 2012-2013
the 14 km trek of Guarikund to Kedarnath is on highly elevation surrounded by high hill mountain. Trekking with foot is like vibe. Every year According to District committee Rudraprayag, rate of pony,Palki, Kandi for 14 km trek of Kedarnath is listed below
Hourse and Pony Rates for Gaurikund to kedarnath t14 Km trek
                     Trek                               schedule                 Price (max 70kg)

1.       Gaurikund to kedarnath                     same day return          1500:00 INR 
2.       Gaurikund to Kedarnth                           night halt                 1800:00 INR
3.       Gaurikund To Kedrnath                          one way                  1000:00 INR
4.       Kedarnath to Gaurikund                         one way                    500:00 INR
5.       Rambara to kedarnath                            one way                    500:00 INR
6.       Kedarnath to Rambara                           one way                    400:00 INR
7.       Gaurkund rambara gaurikund                 same day                   550:00 INR
8.       Rambara to gaurikund                            same  day                  400:00INR
9.       Gaurikund – kedarnath –gaurikund         luggage                    1200:00 INR

Kandi Rates for Gaurikunt to kedarnath t14 Km trek 
                Trek                                       Schedule           To25kg                To  50kg

1.  Gaurikund – kedarnath –gaurikund       same day       700.00 INR            1500.00INR
2.  Gaurikund – kedarnath –gaurikund       night halt        925.00 INR            1800.00.INR
3    Gaurikund to kedarnath                         one way       410.00 INR            1000.00 INR
4.  Kedarnath to gaurikund                         one way       265.00 INR              600.00INR            
5.  Rambara to kedarnath                           one way       225.00 INR              400.00 INR
6.  Kedarnath to rambara                           one way       140.00 INR              400.00 INR

Dandi (Palki)  Rates for Gaurikund – kedarnath –gaurikund  
                     Trek                                        Schedule             Max 70kg           Up to 70 kg

Gaurikund – kedarnath –gaurikund                 same say          4000.00 INR         5000.00 INR
Gaurikund – kedarnath –gaurikund                 night halt           5000.00 INR         6000.00 INR
Gaurikund – kedarnath                                   same day          2500.00 INR         3000.00 INR
Kedarnath – Gaurikund                                  same day          2000.00 INR         2500.00 INR
Rambara – kedarnath                                   same day            1000.00 INR         1200.00 INR
 Kedarnath-rambara                                       same day            800.00 INR         1000.00 INR

Note – if your weight is exceed the maximum value given above . the rates for extra weight is calculated by mutual consent between passenger & horse,poly,doli, dandi,kandi owner by maximum to 10% of the actual rates.  

2 thoughts on “Gaurikund to Kedarnth Trek – Horse, Pony,Kandi & Palki Rates 2013

  • July 4, 2017 at 6:10 pm

    A horseman demand to me 2900rs per head

  • June 11, 2018 at 3:25 pm

    I want to know that my mother weight approx 100 kg and i want book palki for him in that situation can palki available for her kedaranaK yatra.because in rate chart show only till 90kg weight.So plz suggest


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