Opening Dates of Panch Kedar Temple 2013

Opening date of kedarnath, Tungnath, madhmaheshar, Rudranath & Kalpeshwar 2013
with opening of Rudranath temple, all the five Kedar temple now opens for devotee for next 6 month season. one of the panch kedar temple rudranath is now open for all devotees in Thursday morning  7:00AM, 23 may with vedic chanting. Hundred of pilgrims and local people visit temple with Rudranath Doli and wishes for their desire for peace & prosperity. The mouth of Lord Shvia the temple priest JANARDHAN TIWARI will take charge of rudranath temple for next 6 the closed winter season the doli of Rudranath temple worship in Gopinath temple,Gopeshwar.

opening date of panch kedar temple
panch kedar opening
  • opening date of kedarnath temple  14 May  
  • opening date of madmaheshwar    20 May   
  • opening date of tungnath temple     16 May
  • opening date of rudranath temple    23 May
  • opening date of kalpeshwar temple           (always open)

Third Kedar, Tungnath door opens on 16 may, 2013. The temple priest said that sanctum sanctum (Inside temple ) are cleaning before being Doli and statue of God inside the temple.
all the four kedar temple always open in the sequence from Kedarnth -madmaheshwar-tungnath-rudranth.

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