Opening Date of Kedarnath Temple 2014

Opening Date of Kedarnath Temple 2014

Every year the opening date of kedarnath temple is decided on the Maha ShivRatri festival by the priest in Ukhimath. Maha Shiv Ratri is a Hindu festival dedicated to Lord Shiva. ShivRatri festival was occurred on 27 February 2014. In this day a group of local priest decided to reveal the date for opening kedarnath temple door according to their Panchang (Hindu Calendar).
According to local priest Panchang calculation and their consent with Badrianth-Kedarnath Temple Committee, it is officially announced the opening date of kedarnath temple 2014 was 4th may. Closing date of kedarnath temple is also decided on the same day. Kedarnath shrine will be closed on the day of Bhaiya Duj Festvial (The day after Deepawali festival). Bhaiya Duj is celebrated on 25th October 2014. hence Kedarnath temple was closed on 25th October 2014.
Opening Date of Kedarnath Temple 2014

This year, its not seems enthusiastic in locals areas as of the last year thousand of pilgrims and local people were lost their lives and worth in Devastation. may God rest in peace all soul. from Gaurikund To kedarnath,the necessary facilities are partially restored.although roads and Trek is not  in a well condition in the valley .

                Opening date of Kedarnath  temple (4th may 2014 Panchang Information)
Panchami Sukla Paksha
05:50 AM
06:21 PM

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