Operation Kedar – Disposal of Human skeletons and bodies

Operation Kedar

The operation Kedar in Kedarnath valley start from 12 June,2014 to disposal all the human skeletons and dead bodies that are smashed during Kedarnath Devastation on 16-17 June 2013. more than 50 human skeletons and bodies have been found so far! Uttarakhand police continue play the search operation in near Gaurikund and Jungalchatti. There are continuous finding the male skeletons and dead bodies near Gurikund – Kedarnath Junglechatti. nine males and three rotten skeleton – embraced bodies are recovered on Friday evening between six and seven o’clock by Uttarakhand Police.

operation kedarnath

The skeleton and body Gurikund km above three hundred meters from Chirwasa are found in dense forest. After Saturday’s DNA sample will be cremated dead.The first two days after police found five skeletons from the forests of Jnglctty search operation was launched. Between the skeleton and the bodies were lying in and around dense scrub clothes, dishes, shoes – slippers were scattered. Badly rotted corpse – thaw out. Believed that during disaster rescue all the people were moved to the forests of Jnglctty them died during the disaster.

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