Devariya Tal – History, How to Reach and Trekking Route

Devariya Tal

Devariya Tal known as much by the name of Deoria Tal, also written as Devaria  is  picturesque natural lake located at an altitude of 2438m (Approx 8000ft). The fascinating lake is situated on the steep climb of 2.3 km uphill from Sari village of Ukhimath area in Rudraprayag district of Uttarkhand state, India. Tal (ताल or झील ) is Lake meaning in Hindi language.

Devariya Tal
Devariya Tal (lake) view in November Month.

Devariya Tal History

It is believed that the recognition of this lake is from Mahabharata era. Although there are several mythological story can be heard from local peoples that they have heard from their forefather.

Story 1 : It is believed that Hindu Gods used to bath in this lake. Therefore the name of lake is Devariya (Dev or देव is Hindi language word which means God in English).

Story 2 : It is also believed that lord Krishna origin this lake with help of Vasuki Naag  (several headed cobra) to quench the thirst of Pandavas . The origin of this lake was being to located  in Devar village, which is near from this place. But the God-Goddess of Devar village did not want to locate Devariya lake in village. Then lord Krishna originated lake with the help of Vasuki Naag on uphill of Sari village. Since the story is also related to Devar village hence the name.

Story 2 is considered one of the most prominent history of Devariya Tal. Here is why every year a great fair is organized by villagers on occasion of Krishna Janmashtami festival.

How To Reach Devariya Tal Easily ?

Ukhimath is nearest town to reach Devariya Tal. Ukhimath town is well connected to major cities of India. 

Distance from Rishikesh to Ukhimath – 180 Km (Approx).

Distance from Delhi to Ukhimath via Rishikesh – 425 Km (Approx).

Delhi/Rishikesh are connected with train/bus/flight. Bus/tracker are easily available from Delhi/Rishikesh to Ukhimath/Guptakashi. Local vehicle available from  Ukhimath station to Sari village (13 Km) via Ukhimath-Chopta-Gopeshwar road. Walking route is 2.3 Km from Sari village to lake.

Devariya Tal Trekking route
Devariya Tal Trekking route

Things To Do in Devariya Tal

  • What do you look for in Devariya Tal ? One of the first things you have to enjoy mountain peaks, lush green woods surrounding  lake with backdrop reflection in water.


  • Night camping and star night photography is must do things in your Devariya Tal tour. Shoot epic landscape photos of the night sky. October to June is best time for night photography as weather is clear in night during these month. Dark moon lunar phase is best time to get better results for star night photography.


  • If you have a 2-3 days more to explore the beauty and adventure of valley then Devariya Tal to Tungnath/Chandrashila trek via Rohini Bugyal / Bhrujgali is another breathtaking things to do from Devariya lake. You can plan your itinerary as suitable to you with this trekking route.

Devariya lake to Rohini Bugyal; 8 km (Approx 3-4 hours)
Rohini Bugyal to Bhrujgali; 6 km (Approx 2-3 hours)
Bhrujgali to Tungnath-Chandrashila 7 km (Approx 4-5 hours)

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